Welcome to the blog page of Chief Irriah, a fictional chief at the Great Kingdom of Benin Royal Palace through whose eyes everyday life experiences of palace chiefs will be explored.

Though a fictional character, events blogged about, took place as described; so a fictional character is relating real events in the Great Kingdom of Benin before the British punitive expedition of 1897 which destroyed the kingship system, the palace and in effect the traditional way of life for the Benin people.

The period blogged about relate to the end years of the kingdom before most of their highly skilled army,  scientists and craft people  (blacksmiths and wood carvers) were killed off by the British when they shelled the city indiscriminately and burnt down all the houses and workshops. Equipments along with the brain power behind them were wiped out; even though the throne was restored in 1914, the kingdom has never regained its skills or status since then.

It is very important therefore that accounts and events of the great kingdom are recorded accurately before memories fade away, what with new technology; descendants of the great kingdom are parting ways with their traditional way of life as the world becomes a global village in this digital era.  
All in the series of blogs have been created to show everyday life for the old Kingdom of Benin children, women and ordinary people and to give some idea of their experiences other than that of the Oba and his courtiers. The blogs are also in response to comments from some historical scholars that the Edo plaques which document history of the Benin Kings do not show life for other people in the kingdom.

Princess Iyomon and the events accounted are real and based on historical accounts by some of the Kingdom's present custodians of Edo culture and history (existing chiefs and elders). All other individuals' names in the events blogged have been changed due to recollection of exact names at the time but are common names used at the time.

Oral historical accounts are provided by Princess Iyomon's grandsons:

Chief Sunday Aigbogun (Late) Chief Ebenzer of Igueben
Chief Irriah Aigbogun
Chief Odigie Aigbogun
Pastor Clement Aigbogun
Hon. Barrister Patrick Aigbogun : http://ehizogie.moonfruit.com/

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