Thursday, 19 January 2012

His Majesty - First Weeks



 Busy, busy time at the palace, I am enjoying it much though.

We have had the most tremendous time here at the palace since His Majesty’s coronation four weeks (7 market days) ago. All the chiefs have this confidence in him that is difficult to describe; we just know somehow that he will be no pushover, he is the one to watch, he has this aura about him that suggest to you that he is not to be messed with. We, all of us palace chiefs,  are quietly pleased about this as we had feared that as a man of the world before his coronation, he may have been influenced by outside factors and lost sight of the job in hand.

I have been carefully studying His Majesty’s demeanour, he comes across as a careful listener not given to rash decisions, deliberately with the council on every account.

From all the gifts and presents arriving at the palace from far and near in the past weeks, it seems we are not the only ones to hold His Majesty in such high esteem. Countless cows, goats, chickens, bush meat, bundles of yam, kegs of palm wine, the finest Kola nuts around, fabric of all sorts, beads, name it, it has all been passing through the palace gates to welcome His Majesty.

I am particularly delighted to see the countless gifts from our boys on the fields with the British in their outposts; it gladdens one’s heart to no small measure to see how very much they want the king to know about them and their work for the kingdom, where would we be without the intelligence they provide the king?  More about these boys later; right now, they are ensuring that their undying pledge of loyalty and support for the King is noted.

I am quite looking forward to working with His Majesty on maintaining this kingdom’s reputation across the world.

More later!

Oba gha'to


Long Live the King!

Chief Irriah

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