Saturday, 7 January 2012

Welcome to our new Oba



I am Chief Irriah one of the Iwebo palace chiefs, I am delighted to be blogging about this great kingdom; I will reveal untold secrets about the palace through my upcoming blogs, keep reading.

Right now, we are delighted to be coronating our new King, His Majesty, Omon n'Oba n'Edo  Ovonramwen; the 35th King of our great kingdom. See Oba timeline here:

Words are not enough to recount this great event which is of course, an immense privilege to be part of. However, as we the Edo people meticulously preserve our culture over generations, you can glean a test of the coronation here: fast forward 91 years and same coronation practices are still observed in every fine point:


 Chief Irriah

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